A More Sustainable Approach to Your Modest Style

As an upcoming Indonesian local brand, Goyana Collection try our best to contribute to the community, no matter how small. In this part, we’d like to talk more about making better decisions that support sustainability. Here are some of our efforts to be more sustainable as a clothing company:

  1. As much as we can, we try to design clothes that can be worn in a few ways. This way, you can save some money, stay modestly chic and reduce waste
  2. To reduce waste, we use paper and textile as packaging. This way, you can reuse the textile as you wish. We also include a few inspo on how to reuse it!
  3. We give second chances to gorgeous fabrics! As an upcycling movement we use dead stock fabric – instead of leaving them on the landfills or being burnt. That’s why our collection is in limited quantity.

By supporting us, you’ll also be making a conscious decision in participating in the effort to reduce waste and rooting for your local brand πŸ˜‰ So let’s strive to make a better decision!